Wireless network solutions for schools

Joskos delivers wireless networks that enhances mobile learning and builds confidence in learners and teachers

A robust and secure wireless network offers the ultimate in flexibility, providing network access to areas of your school site that may not be otherwise accessible. Joskos delivers wireless networks that can:

  • Free ICT from the ICT suite, or even inside the school buildings
  • Provide fast access to the internet, network or file servers from any part of the school
  • Avoid disruptions and 'downtime' associated with inferior wireless networks
  • Avoid the cost and disruption of carrying out traditional cabled installations
  • Provide network coverage in temporary buildings or outside areas that are impossible to service using structured cabling
  • Expand your schools network easily and at low cost
  • Provide an alternative to a dedicated ICT suite where space or funding is limited, using laptop trolleys
  • Implement a network in a small school more cost-effectively than using cabling

heatmapThe first and most important step of implementing a wireless solution is to have a wireless survey conducted. Many companies charge for this vital first step, however Joskos Solutions provide this service free of charge.

To discuss your wireless requirements or to book your free wireless survey, contact a member of our solutions team.

On completion of the no-obligation wireless survey, we will provide you with a complete report outlining the requirements for a wireless network covering the areas that you specify.

Contact us with any of your wireless technology related queries on 0845 37 000 38.