Microsoft Office 365 Services

Top 10 reasons to move to Office 365

  1. You’ll never lose homework again
    Each staff and student account comes with 50GB of free storage for emails and up to 1TB of free storage for documents, presentations and associated photos and media. That’s more than enough to last any student throughout their life at school. What’s more, this space is a repository for all their vital files, always available, always online.

  2. Worry-free IT to suit your school
    Office 365 for Education is incredibly flexible, and how your school uses it is up to you. Office 365 for Education is simple enough to manage within the school, but if you want worry-free IT you can outsource setup, management and support to a Microsoft partner. Office 365 doesn’t force you to use one specific piece of hardware, operating system, browser or application (although some requirements naturally apply). The choice is always yours.

  3. Collaboration within and outside the school
    Collaboration is part and parcel of Office 365. Using just the Office Web Apps, teams of students can work on a single version of an online Word, Excel or PowerPoint document, viewing and making edits simultaneously with all changes synchronised.  Teachers and students can also work on the same document at the same time, enabling new styles of teaching and learning. It’s also easy to set up real-time video chats, instant messaging and screen-sharing with students across classrooms, schools and even around the world. 

  4. Office 365 for Education works on virtually anything
    Office 365 for Education is the perfect fit for Windows, whether you’re running Windows 8 or Windows 7, and whether you’re using PCs, laptops or tablets. Yet it’s not in any way limited to Microsoft technology. Office 365 Education will work perfectly well with Macs, iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones and tablets.
    Office 365 for Education is ready to embrace a diverse ecosystem, covering just about every computer and device staff and students come into contact with, whether at home or at school. It doesn’t shut anyone out.

  5. It can inspire new ways of learning
    With the power of the cloud behind you, you can investigate new approaches to teaching and learning. Create team sites for staff and students. Manage cross-class projects with SharePoint Online and get everyone involved. Use video chat and instant messaging to let ideas develop and thoughts run wild. Harness Office Web Apps for collaborative activities that might involve teachers and teams of students. Plus, because Office 365 for Education works just about everywhere and on almost everything, you can use it to engage students at school, at home and anywhere in-between. Carry learning outside of the classroom, and take full advantage of mobile technology, whether it belongs to the school or to your students. With a little imagination, Office 365 for Education might just transform the way you teach.

  6. The power of Microsoft Office sits behind it
    The Office Web Apps, covering Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and Excel, have the familiar look and feel of their desktop versions and many of the same features. Accessible on almost any laptop or PC with almost any browser, they enable students and staff to work anywhere, even if they don’t have an Office license or Office installed. 
    Staff and students can also start projects using Office Web Apps then polish them in Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Teachers can set up documents in the desktop Office applications before handing them off to students to continue the work in the Web Apps. 

  7. Offered for free to any educational establishment
    Microsoft has always had a vested interest in Education and Office 365 is no exception to that rule with free licensing available for Schools, Colleges, and Academies alike. Office 365 grants you access to a host of cloud-based email, documents, discussion boards, and other collaboration tools completely free. 

  8. Office 365 is very secure and very stable
    Office 365 is fully compliant with EU data protection law and will only store data from EU countries within Microsoft’s EU datacentres. Microsoft provide full support for the Office 365 platform and a guaranteed 99.9% uptime with average quarterly uptime at 99.96%. 
    In addition, partners such as Joskos Solutions further enhance the support offering with training, customisation, and installation services to create a more rounded platform.

  9. There are no limitations
    Office 365 is designed to provide you with every feature and service you could ever need in the cloud and the range of available features is constantly expanding. Included in the free subscriptions for each school are 50GB mailboxes for each user, up to 1TB of free storage for personal documents, and a shared storage area based on the number of pupils and staff.
    However Office 365 for Education is not limited to the initial offerings as additional storage, features, and services can be bolted on or removed by the school at any time. 

  10. Migration to Office 365 is easy
    Moving your email to Office 365 is simple and very easy to manage. An internal IT team or external IT partner such as Joskos can migrate from the majority of email systems in a matter of days. Students and Staff can set up their devices with or without support from IT by simply entering their email address and Office 365 password.
    Data migration requires more planning and can require support from a partner for complicated shared data structures, however Students and Staff can quickly and easily migrate their own documents to Office 365 with little or no support from IT.

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